It as easy as 1, 2 and 3! We understand if you still have questions, perhaps you don't see an answer to your question please feel free to call or email
with any questions you have so that we can provide you with all the information you need!

Q: Which weight plan do I need?

Most customers purchase the Normal Plan –20lbs. of bulk laundry weekly. Three small machine loads (one each of whites, mediums, darks) typically weigh 15 to 20 lbs – the average weekly use. For more service and flexibility (common for athletes), select the Active Plan (30 lbs.). All weights are estimates of what the bag will hold. Whatever you fit in the bag gets washed. There are no additional charges for going over the estimated weight.

Q: When does service begin& end?

Service begins the first day of classes and continues through the end of exams.

Q: Can I use my bulk service more than once a week?
No, currently Bulk Laundry service may only be used once a week.

Q: Where and when do I get my bags?
VERY IMPORTANT!!! Your Bulk Laundry bag and Dry Cleaning bag will be delivered after Move-In Day. You will be contacted to let you know when we will be in your area.

Q: What happens if I lose or damage my bag?
Residents who lose their bags will be charged a replacement fee of $10. Bags that are damaged in the course of everyday “wear & tear” will be replaced at no cost.

Q: When is pick up & delivery?
Residents drop off and pickup from a Tiger Laundry van attendant stationed near residence halls at a specified time each week depending on location. Attendants are on campus for pickup and delivery weekdays on a regular schedule. Direct service is also provided to all Greek Houses. Clothes are cleaned and returned within 48 hours. See the Campus Map page for locations, days and times.

Q: How will you care for my clothes?
Tiger Laundry gives your clothes the kind of attention they would if washed at home. Only Mom can match the quality of care we give our bulk laundry, but if you go home you might have to do chores! Just ask any of our Tiger Laundry students – they are our best testimonials.

Q: What is bulk laundry service?
Students receive a generous-sized, specially-coded nylon bags. All clothing placed in the “Bulk Laundry” bag will be washed, dried, folded or hung, and neatly packaged.

Q: Which bulk laundry items will be folded or hung?
Items such as sheets, towels, and t-shirts will be folded. In an effort to prevent wrinkles,items such as men’s polo-style and button-down shirts as well as woman’s blouses and dresses will be laundered and returned on hangers.

Q: How does Dry Cleaning work?
Students that request this service receive an orange nylon bag labeled “Dry Cleaning”. Items in this bag will be Dry Cleaned, Pressed and returned on hangers. Dry Cleaning is available with or without enrollment in a Bulk Laundry Plan. Each garment is cared for following the label’s instructions while using the latest cleaning and finishing techniques. Establishing service costs $10 for the bag and all other costs are billed monthly by item.

Q: How do you keep up with my clothes?
Each Tiger Laundry bag is equipped with a specially-coded identification tag that distinguishes one customer’s order from another. At no time during the laundry cleaning process will garments from different bags be combined in the same machine (Translation: your roommate’s dirty underwear won’t be washed with your favorite t-shirt).

Q: When and How do I pay?
No payments are required from students during pickup/delivery. Bulk Laundry plans are paid in advance. Dry cleaning charges are made to the credit card used to pay for your service.

Q: What if I don't know what dorm my child will be in?
We understand that dorm assignments are not set until later in the summer. If you are checking out before you that time just put "???" in the field that asks for Dorm name. We will contact you after assignments are made and prior to move in day to get that information.

Q: What if my child is not able to get on campus housing?
In that case we will work with you to provide service if feasible or refund your payment.

Q: What if my child is in a fraternity or sorority that has a group rate?
We are partnering with several fraternities to provide service directly at the fraternity house. If your son joins a participating fraternity and wants to have service at the house we will charge them the group rate. Any payments you have made above that rate will be credited to the following semester. We hope to include sororities in this as well and the policy would be the same.

Q: Is service available for off campus students too?
We do provide service to properties that are close to the campus. Contact us and we will see if we can include your specific location.

Q: What if I have a schedule conflict during my assigned drop off and pick up time?
If you let us know we will work with you to find an alternative day or time that will work. We will do all that we can to make sure the service is available to you if you will communicate with us and allow us to find a solution.

Q: Why do you want to know my cell phone provider?
We have an automated system to send text message reminders to you on laundry days. One early in the day and a second close to your scheduled time. Your cell provider is needed to make sure we send these messages correctly.

Q: What is your policy regarding lost items
We will always work to prevent those type problems. Almost every time we have had customers call about lost items they have later discovered that they had misplaced them or a roommate had borrowed them. Our system simply does not have any realistic way for items to be lost during the washing and packaging process.

Q: What is your policy regarding damaged items?
We will work with you to replace items that we determine were damaged by us through our negligence. Pens and other items left in pockets are the responsibility of the student. We will try to catch those things but it is not always possible. With over 25 years experience in this business, problems like this are very rare.